Board Meetings begin at 6:30 p.m. General Membership meets at 7:30 PM.

Super Bowl Squares

The BS Ushers & Athletic Society is running a Super Bowl Squares fundraiser. If you would like to participate in the Usher's fundraiser, please click the link and follow the simple instructions to join. Thanks in advance for your support & good luck!

Payment/payout structure and rules for playing are as follows:

To play:
Pick a square by clicking on it in the grid. You are allowed to pick as many as you want. ($25 ea.) If we fill this one quickly, we'll start another one.

You will keep the same numbers the entire game. Numbers will be randomly generated by computer after sheet is filled. Winning scores are determined by having the box with the matching ones digit for each team at the end of each quarter of play.
2 payouts are made each quarter.
Final is end of game including OT
If you have the correct #s but backwards at the end of the quarter, that is a reverse payout scenario.
If the score of the game is a double, such as 17-7, then the same person wins both prizes for that quarter.

Payouts: (square must be paid for before the start of the game to be eligible to win. Any unpaid squares that win will be considered void and any winnings forfeited will be split among the squares directly on top, bottom, left, and right of the unpaid square.)

Usher help is needed at the Sunday Masses.
Elections were held at the General Meeting on May 21st held at the bocce courts.

This year's officers and board members are: President: Pete Sala President Elect: Jay Bish Vice President: Jim Theisen Treasurer: Dave Pianta Secretary: John Greiner Board of Directors: Jack Vahey, Kevin Schlosser, Marc Trocki, Chris Loomis Past Presidents: Dave Pianta, Jim Milhisler

Sports registration fees may be paid on-line at